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Smart mSLA Resin 3D Printer

Pre-Order is Available for Athena 12K

   10.1" 12K Mono LCD

  • 219 x 123 x 245mm Build Volume

  • 19 x 24µm X/Y, 10 µm Z Resolution

  • High Contrast and Long Life LCD

   160W Parallel UV Light

  • The Latest UV LED Technology

  • High Uniformity, High Power

  • Full PWM Brightness Control

   Smart Force Sensor

  • Release/Crash Detection

  • Dynamic Wait, Resin Level Sense

  • Force Feedback Display + Analysis

   Advanced Main Board

  • Raspberry Pi CM4 with eMMC

  • Custom 12k FPGA Video Board

  • RP2040 MCU running Klipper

Athena First Look

Athena Hero Video

What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer

A Smart Resin 3D Printer with Advanced Force Sensor Systems to Improve Speed and Reliability.

Athena will take mSLA Resin 3D Printing to the Next Level.


Why Choose Athena?


Reliable printing with Real Time Fault detection - Reduce Time and Resin Loss.


Faster Printing with Release Detection to Limit Lifting Height and Dynamic Speed Control.

High-Resolution Hardware

Higher Quality Prints with 3D AA - High-Resolution LCD and Uniform Light Source.

Expandability and Flexibility

Support for Future Upgrades,
Add-ons and Sensors - Support for various LCD Sizes, Resolutions, and Hardware.

Athena Main Board