Premium FEP Film - Various Sizes

Premium FEP Film - Various Sizes

Premium FEP Film for Resin 3D Printers. This is a high-quality FEP Film, Available Pre-Cut in the most common sizes for most LCD 3D Printers, or we offer Custom size sheets up to 300mm wide x 1200mm.

Pre-Cut films are generously sized to ensure they fit and are easy to install.


These FEP Sheets are sandwiched between protective film in a dust-free room.


The protective films prevent the surface from scratching, getting dirty and other damages that can occur during cutting, handling, and transport. This way we are sure you get a premium product.

Remove protective film from both sides of the FEP sheet before use.



  • Resistant to high temperatures (204 ° C)
  • Protective film on both sides
  • High UV transmittance
  • Low refraction index
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent non-stick surface
  • UV stable
  • Thickness: 0.15/150 Microns
  • Content: 1 Sheet


-200 x 150mm - Suitable for printers with 5.5"-6.1" LCDs (Elegoo Mars, Anycubic Photon, Nova3D Elfin/Bene, Crealitry LD-002, VoxelLab Polaris, EPAX X1/E6, and others)


-300 x 220mm - Suitable for printers with 8.9-10.1" LCDs (Elegoo Saturn Anycubic Mono X, Uniz IBEE, EPAX X10/E10, Creality LD-006/Halot-Sky, Phrozen Mighty and others)


-375 x 300mm - Suitable for printers with 12.5-13.3" LCDs (EPAX X133, Peopoly Phenom, Phrozen Transform and others)


-430 x 300mm - Suitable for printers with 15.6" LCDs (EPAX X156, Peopoly Phenom )


-1200 x 300mm - Cut your own sheets to size.



-Always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning FEP sheets.