MOR Water Washable Durable Resin - 1L

MOR Water Washable Durable Resin - 1L


Water Washable Durable, Non-Brittle 405nm LCD SLA Resin

1 Liter Bottles


  • Water Washable: The MOR Water Washable Resin makes resin curing easy and straightforward, simple rinsing and soaking can help you get the excessive resin cleaned up


  • Optimized for Monochrome LCD 3D Resin Printers: With particular optimization for monochrome screen, The MOR resin allows you to print fast with excellent finishing quality and level of details.


  • Non-brittle All-arounder: The MOR resin is specifically designed to have a little bit of flex, so that they can withstand bumps or drops, making it a versatile resin for different applications of printing.


  • Low Odor: As a carefully formulated resin with quality material, odor of the MOR resin is barely noticeable, which gives you a more comfortable printing experience.


  • Designed, Mixed, and Bottled in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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