Magnetic Flex Plates for Resin Printers

Magnetic Flex Plates for Resin Printers

New Spring Steel Magnetic Flex Plates for Resin Printers.

These plates make removing prints quick and painless. No more scraping or gouging to get prints off the plate, simply remove the steel plate from the magnet and gently bend and twist to pop off your models.


  • Magnetic Base with 3M Adhesive is resistant to harsh solvents and chemicals like resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Flexible Spring Steel sheet


Please allow time for the adhesive to set. The adhesive will be fully set in 72 hours, but if you’re in a hurry it will set to about 90% in 24 hours. 
You may need to adjust your endstop or endstop trigger and re-level your build plate before use.
They come as-is and we offer no warranty on them. Use at your own risk.

Brand/Size Compatibility Guide

  • 130x80mm - EPAX E6/X1, X1-N
  • 135x75mm - Elegoo Mars, Mars Pro, Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k
  • 135x80mm - Anycubic Photon, Photon S, Photon