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Aluminum Athena 8K Build Platform


It is made from aluminum with a sandblasted surface for the best adhesion and easy print removal. It is constructed to be stable for minimal re-leveling.


Using this build platform will minimize resin accumulation on the top of the plate, allowing it to more readily drip back into the vat during printing. This makes clean-up and print removal faster, easier, and less messy overall so that you can spend more time printing.


This build plate comes with all of the parts necessary to install it quickly and easily into your printer.

Please ensure you level your build plate before printing following our leveling procedure.

Athena Build Plate

Expected to ship after all of the Kickstarter units. November-December 2023
  • We offer a 1-year warranty that begins from the date you receive your printer.

    In the event of a defect, we will ship you replacement parts free of charge.

    Warranty does not cover wilful damages, damages due to accident, normal wear and tear, improper care, or misuse.

  • The purchase price does not include Sales Tax or Shipping costs. The shipping cost will vary and depends on which shipping option chosen.  The customer is responsible for sales tax and and import or duties.