8.9" 4K Mono LCD for E10/X10

8.9" 4K Mono LCD for E10/X10

This is the monochrome LCD screen for the EPAX X10 and E10 3D printers which are using 8.9" 4K mono screen.  


We are currently only offering the E10's mono screen as it is compatible with the X10 printer. Both E10 and X10 use the same mainboard and the same screen interfaces so the E10's 4K mono screen can be used with the X10 with just a quick firmware update.


LCD Screen Specifications

  • Size: 8.9" diagonal
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Pixel precision: 47um 


  • 1x 8.9" 4k monochrome LCD screen
  • screen cable
  • 1x precut tape (to be applied around the screen after installation)




- Monochrome LCD screens last much longer than color screens (with proper use your screen should last several thousand hours).

- 4k screen resolution at 8.9" size

- Very short layer exposure times are needed (up to 1/4th of the time needed for color LCD screens)


Do not allow the resin to leak under the screen through the edges. It is strongly recommended that you cover the edges with our pre-cut screen tape or with 0.1mm thick Kapton tape if needed.


After replacing your screen, it is crucial that you also re-level your build platform.

Using this screen with other similar 3D printers is NOT supported.



You can refer to the guide below for instructions on screen replacement: