Premium FEP Film in Various Sizes

Our new Premium FEP Film for Resin 3D Printers is now available and in stock!

We are offering a high-quality FEP release film Pre-Cut in the most common sizes for a variety of LCD 3D Printers and we also offer Custom size sheets up to 300mm wide by 1200mm long.

Our Pre-Cut Films are generously sized to ensure they will fit and are easy to install. All our Premium FEP Films come with protective film on both sides. The protective film is applied in a dust-free, room to ensure maximum cleanliness. The protective film prevents the FEP film from scratches, dirt or fingerprints, and other possible damage that can during cutting, handling and transport. This ensures you get a perfect film.

Please note, Protective film must be removed from both sides of the FEP sheet before installing or use.


  • Resistant to high temperatures (204 ° C)

  • Protective film on both sides

  • High UV transmittance

  • Low refraction index

  • Chemically inert

  • Excellent non-stick surface

  • UV stable

  • Thickness: 0.15/150 Microns

  • Content: 1 Sheet

Sizes: -200 x 150mm - Suitable for printers with 5.5"-6.1" LCDs (Elegoo Mars, Anycubic Photon, Nova3D Elfin/Bene, Crealitry LD-002, VoxelLab Polaris, EPAX X1/E6, and others) -300 x 220mm - Suitable for printers with 8.9-10.1" LCDs (Elegoo Saturn Anycubic Mono X, Uniz IBEE, EPAX X10/E10, Creality LD-006/Halot-Sky, Phrozen Mighty and others) -375 x 300mm - Suitable for printers with 12.5-13.3" LCDs (EPAX X133, Peopoly Phenom, Phrozen Transform, and others) -430 x 300mm - Suitable for printers with 15.6" LCDs (EPAX X156, Peopoly Phenom ) -1200 x 300mm - Cut your own sheets to size. Notes: -Always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning FEP sheets.

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