MOR Water Washable Durable, Non-Brittle Resin - In Stock!

Introducing resin from MINISTRY OF RESIN. US-Made, Water Washable, Durable, Non-Brittle Resin for LCD mSLA. Optimized for Mono LCD Printers.


This All-Purpose Water washable resin allows you to cut harsh and expensive solvents like isopropyl alcohol or other chemicals out of the clean-up process. MOR Water Washable resins can be cleaned with as little as a bucket of water and a brush, but are also compatible with other popular resin cleaning solutions like ultrasonic cleaners and wash and cure stations. This resin can also be cleaned with a variety of different options including, various degreasers, and even diluted concentrations of alcohol such as 50% rubbing alcohol to easily clean any uncured resin off the print.


One of the worst feelings in the world just might be seeing that amazing print that you spent hours waiting to print and cure only for it to snap and shatter the first time you look at it the wrong way. Resins should not be so brittle that they break during support removal or with moderate handling. MOR resins are formulated to have a little bit of flex so that they can survive being bumped or dropped.


We all hate smelly resin that can be smelled as soon as you enter the room, and often the problem is that a lot of resin ingredients can be very smelly. Ministry of Resin took the time to find a blend that would fill all their other resin requirements as well as have a very low odor profile.


Optimized for Monochrome LCD Printers but will still perform well for standard RGB mSLA printers. At MOR, They were really excited to get their first mono printers in late 2020, but imagine the disappointment when they realized that mono screens overexpose many of the "fast" and "ABS-like" resins that were made with RGB printers in mind. So MOR adjusted the photoinitiator composition that controls how fast resins change from a liquid to a solid.

In short, Ministry of Resin Durable Resins will get you those ultra-sharp details you see in fancy renders while still being forgiving enough to print on Mono LCD printers as well as RGB printers.

COLORS Available in Grey, Quartz, Red, Green and Blue.

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