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Link to Athena Kickstarter 3D Models

This is the link to the 3D models provided to our Athena Kickstarter backers as part of the reward for backing our campaign. These free Pre-Supported STL models were graciously provided by our model creator partners. Atlas 3DSS and Cobramode. Link to models. The password can be found on the insert sheet included with your printer. If you lost this insert sheet, please email us your info and we will send you the password.

Our partners at Atlas 3DSS provided several models. Be sure to check them out at

Atlas 3DSS About Us: We are an entirely remote team that that hails from around the world and from various professions. One thing we all have in common is our love for 3D printing and art. We bring that passion to everything we do, from support file generation and creative design to custom board game production and Kickstarter fulfillments, you can count on Atlas.

Models provided by Atlas 3DSS include:

  • Beatrice Bust

  • Evil Knevil Ape

  • Nuclear Nerds (7 models)

  • Tails from the Garden (4 models)

  • Wasteland Warmachines - Bike

Our partners at Cobramode have provided 3 models for Athena backers. Check out Cobramode at

Cobramode About Us: As artists who have worked with both traditional and digital media, we try our best to put artistic principles into action with each sculpt, paying attention to the silhouette, sense of weight and balance, and special character details that make each piece a work of art.

Erin’s unique sculpting style and ideas blend together with Andrea’s ideas for details and poses to create a collaborative character full of life!

Models provided by Cobramode include:

  • Hikiga Bruiser

  • Captain Siduri Boondaburra

  • Noctuoidea Lanceolaria

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