EPAX E10 5K and X1 4K Pre-Orders

The moment is almost here, the E10 5K and X1 4K Pre-Orders begin at the end of May!

We will be adding the product listings soon with all the details and the Pre-Order will begin at the end of May, we will send out an email to our subscribers to let them know as soon as its starts. Be sure to sign up and keep an eye open to be able to secure your E10 5K or X1 4K printers. Limited quantities available.


The X1 4K is the new King of resolution, with the highest precision monochrome screen on the market. Boasting 31.5 Micron Pixels in a 5.5" Mono LCD. This makes this printer a great buy for Dental or Jewelry, or anyone looking to get insane details from their prints. This printer is also blazing fast, Using the latest parallel light source and Mono LCD, its nearly 10x faster than the X1s with Color LCDs. There will also be an X1 4K upgrade kit available for those who wish to upgrade their old X1.


The E10 5K is the latest upgrade to the E10 line. Now available as a Printer or Upgrade. The E10 5K features a 10.1" 5K Monochrome LCD for a 20% larger build area compare to the E10 4K. It also has a higher resolution, 45 Microns vs 50 Microns. If you are looking to print Big and High Resolution, then this is the EPAX printer for you.

E10 5K upgrade kit will also be available soon, so you can upgrade your E10 4K to the latest technology.

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